Welcome to the World Bank course Report Writing.

The overall goal of Report Writing is to help staff write WBG reports that help decision makers take appropriate action.

In this course, you will be planning and writing substantial parts of a report for your work. You will be working on this report all the way from the initial planning phase to the final revising phase. You will be working on an authentic report, not something made up. In this way, you will be applying the skills learned in the course to improve your writing.

Throughout the course, you will explore principles and strategies of effective writing for the Bank's written communication needs. Your work will consist of a number of readings and self-marked activities followed by a module assignment that you will submit to your course tutor for review.

As you complete this course, you will be using sample documents from the World Bank. These documents are all available in PDF format in the Resources and Documents section of each module.

You will have a personal tutor to help you throughout the course. In addition to helping you with any problems with learning materials and learning approaches, your tutor will assess your assignments and give you detailed, individualized feedback.

“Clear writing is a window into clear thinking.”
―Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of the World Bank Group