Writing Effectively at The World Health Organization


Your assignment for this module is a portfolio of four examples of correspondence, records and/or summaries. Each example requires supporting documents; see the next screen for complete descriptions of what you should submit. Remember, these documents should be authentic pieces of writing that you are working on in your job.

Your document portfolio must contain:

If you don't want to submit an example from each of these categories (the record or summary), you can submit two more pieces of correspondence. If you submit four types of correspondence as your portfolio, you should try to vary that correspondence. In other words, do not send four memos or four emails.


Your tutor will review your work to determine if you have understood the principles of effective communication as described in the module, and how you can further improve aspects of your writing.


Revising is an important part of the writing process, and making suggestions for revision is one way your tutor can help you learn. When your tutor asks you to revise and resubmit, rework the assignment using your tutor’s feedback as a guide. You can resubmit your work for review up to two times. If after three submissions your tutor still finds serious problems with your writing that haven’t been resolved, you will not have completed the course successfully. If you don’t understand your tutor’s comments, or if you have questions about the assignment, please ask; your tutor wants to help you succeed.

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