Writing Effectively at The World Health Organization
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This module takes you through the process of producing a report or proposal. You will also consider shorter documents like briefing notes in this module since they are closely related. You will learn by doing rather than by reading about how to do. In this way, the structure of this module is similar to that of Module 1.

In the first section, Prewriting, you will begin your planning. You will determine your purpose for your document and do an in-depth analysis of its intended readers. You will develop a main message that will prepare you for the organizing and drafting phases.

With Organizing and Drafting, you will cover the core areas of a typical report or proposal. You will work through exercises on writing introductions, conclusions, recommendations, and summaries.

As part of the drafting section, you will consider the use of visual representations of information such as tables, charts, graphs, and images. You will revise and polish the corresponding parts of your assignment report or add visual information if it is not included in your initial draft.

The next section, Revising, focuses on the tasks needed to complete your document and make it ready for distribution. Finally, you will focus on Proofreading and apply the techniques you learned in Module 1 to a single text.

At times during the preparation of your document, you will be asked to reflect on the process that you are undertaking. This reflective process will help you work out the best way to approach future report-writing tasks.

Throughout, you will have the support of your tutor, with whom you will be required to discuss the scope and directions of your document.

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